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Review: Vibram FiveFinger Classics (Women)

by Jamie » on Aug 15, 2011 2

When I first saw Vibram Fivefingers about a year ago I wasn’t sure they would be for me. My husband got a pair and I just did not understand his high level of enthusiasm for them. He had been training for a half marathon all summer and right before he ran it he bought a pair of black FiveFinger KSOs and believed he had missed out on something great during his previous months of training.

I now understand how he felt.

Thanks to the good people at River Sports I recently received my first pair of Vibram FiveFinger Classics. I picked the Muave/Sand/Grey (Womens) in a size 40 as I thought they would fit best with my daily lifestyle of chasing my three sons and their friends around the house. With no strap and an open upper, they seemed like they would be quicker to put on and a bit more practical for me than some of the other models of FiveFingers.

First Look


Vibram FiveFinger Classics Outdoors!

I cannot say enough about the way these shoes look. At first, “toe-shoes” seemed a bit funny, but when you see them in person they look great. I really like the way the Muave, Sand, and Grey color combination look together and I feel great wearing them, even when I go out running errands or working out at the gym.

I like the way they look with both longer pants as well as capris. Of course, they look great in work out clothes for long runs, classes at the gym, or yoga. Its not often that a pair of shoes can give you confidence and make you feel like you look great. The Classics do that for me as they help me remember that I work out to feel and look fit.

Technical Specs and Sizing

The technical specs of the Vibram FiveFinger Classics for Women are:

  • Upper material:  abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric
  • Sole material:  Vibram TC-1 performance rubber
  • Footbed material:  Antimicrobial microfiber
  • Weight: 4.25oz. each or 8.5oz. a pair.

Light & Flexible

FiveFinger Classics bend easily in all directions

I love how lightweight Vibram FiveFingers are and the barefoot feel you get when wearing them. One of the true signs of a minimalist shoe is how flexible it is and the Classics pass with flying colors. They feel more flexible than my husband’s KSOs.


Classic Vibram Sole!

The sole of the Classics are the same as the KSOs. They are comfortable, allow for feedback from the ground, and offer just enough support. Be careful around water, though,  as they can be a bit slippery when wet, near the pool, or slip’n’slide.


I wear a size 7 or 7 & 1/2 in traditional running shoes but the Vibram sizing chart suggested I get a size 40 in women’s. At first I was not sure if the size was right as there is a bit of space in the heal cup, but my foot never slides around and feels great.

Initially I felt that I needed to pull the strap around the foot but over time realized that it was not needed. The strap also seemed to put too much pressure on my foot and caused a bit of irritation when I had it tight.


More and more I find myself turning to the Classics when I go workout. Whether out for a quick run, headed to a class at the gym, or just to wear to the pool with my children, these FiveFingers are becoming my go to shoes. They’re comfortable and I never seem to get the tingly feeling in my toes that I often get when wearing traditional running shoes.

Casual Wear

I wore my Classics to my Son’s birthday party at the park the other day. I wear them periodically to the store or when running errands. After I mastered putting the FiveFingers on I find myself wearing them in casual environments much more.

Who Should Buy These?

The FiveFinger Classics have been great and after wearing them for a few weeks I would recommend them to:

  • Women looking to try out FiveFingers for the first time
  • Women that like to work out but are not doing hard core trail running that may require KSOs
  • Someone looking for a comfortable minimalist shoe for wearing at home and around town
  • Moms that chase down their kids at the park, in the backyard, or around the house

More Photos

The Famous Toe Shoes


Great for Wearing Outdoors

Flexible forwards and backwards


Classics on sticks

The band around the ankle helps keep the shoe from slipping


Running in FiveFinger Classics!

The Almighty Classics!


The Vibram FiveFinger Classics have been wonderful to wear. I’m thankful to the great team at River Sports that swiftly provided these for a thorough review. Classics are comfortable and the perfect model shoe for wearing around the house, for less intense workouts, and trips around town.


  1. raven

    November 24th, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    I love these shoes too. However, I won’t be buying a second pair because I wore a hole in the sole in under 6 months. They are just too expensive for me to be buying a new pair every 4 months. I might try some with a hardier sole. Any recommendations?


  2. Toby

    March 04th, 2013 at 1:07 am

    I love my classics!!! i am so Vibramized right now that i have other types.

    I think Classics are good for walking, traveling or maybe for exercising at the gym, but definitely not for running or trekking.

    I love my Classics, but i love a pair of Bikilas for running.


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