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New for 2012: The New Balance Minimus Collection

by Corey Nagle » on Jul 06, 2011 4

Here they are: New Balance’s second iteration of their minimalist collection, the NB Minimus.

Originally released in spring of 2011, the original Minimus models were a solid first attempt at a minimalist shoe by New Balance, but this new lineup looks amazing (especially if you’re a trail runner). The Dutch site got a preview just the other day. Here’s what they had to say:

  • three models: Trail (MT00), Road (MR00), and Wellness
  • all models have a reduced stack height (thinner midsole)
  • all models are zero drop (much appreciated!)
  • the outsoles of the Trail en Road models have separate pods
  • only the pods that most need it have a longer lasting rubber compound
  • the soles are made by Vibram
  • no insoles
  • very thin tongues
  • the uppers are essentially a thin layer of mesh with enforcement only at critical areas
  • all models are much lighter then previous versions (the Trail weighs ± 4.1 ounce)

And a video from New Balance:

[yframe url=’′]

We’re excited, what do you think?

Images and video courtesy and New Balance.

Submitted Comments

  1. Dan says:

    These look amazing! Can’t wait to get a pair.

  2. Skicoach says:

    They look good. It’s just great to have more options. I love my Bikila’s and Merrel Trail Gloves. Completely incapable of letting bare skin touch the ground though.

  3. Aaron says:

    Very much looking forward to these!

  4. Corey says:

    The more I see about these, the more excited I get about ’em.

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