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Adidas Adipure Trainers – First Look

by Corey Nagle » on Aug 24, 2011 26

It appears that Adidas is jumping on the minimalist shoe wave with their new Adipure Trainers. These will be available in November for around $90 for both men and women in four different colors.

Men's Adidas Adipure Trainer (red/black)

Image via AP

Women's Adidas Adipure Trainer blue/silver

Image via AP

Women's Adipure Trainers

“Another FiveFingers knockoff? Oh great.”

That’s the first thing you thought when you saw the newly announced Adidas Adipure Trainer, wasn’t it? Same thing I thought.

The specs still seem to be a bit sketchy at the moment as far as sole thickness and some of the materials. Though, it seems Gizmodo got a hold of a pair.  The only thing they mention is an EVA midsole.

Here’s what Casey Chan had to say:

So how do they feel? Actually good. The shoe’s upper is similar to low profile water shoes (better quality, natch)—elastic, stretchy and hardly noticeable around the top part of your foot. I do, however, feel a bit of restriction around my toes. The ethylene and vinyl acetate midsoles—essentially a ton of foam cells that contain air—are perfect though. When your foot lands, the foam compresses and the air gets pushed out, then sucked back in. Unlike Nike Frees which focus on re-creating a barefoot (read: less shock absorbent) feel, the Adidas Adipures provide a cushion so you don’t feel every jagged edge of the ground. But it doesn’t try to overcompensate on that cushioning, so when you’re doing exercises like box jumps you’ll feel your toes and feet searching for balance, trying to grab the ground. It’s like doing brand new core exercises for your feet—working the important little muscles that mean more than the big swooping ones.

I gotta say, I’m pretty underwhelmed. I would’ve thought the number two athletic company would have taken a similar approach to minimalist shoes much like New Balance or Merrell did. They would’ve had much better luck.

Ask Fila how well that’s working out for them.

As soon as I found out more,  I’ll keep you posted.

Submitted Comments

  1. Dan says:

    Interesting that they didn’t partner with vibram… Vibram has made it clear that they’ll go after companies that copy their patent. Maybe the Adidas models are different enough…

  2. Corey says:

    They don’t really seem to be much different than what Fila is offering. If anything, they seem even more similar to VFFs.

    Of course, without actually putting my hands on them, I really couldn’t tell you. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  3. Cel woods says:

    I was actually amazed that Adidas would really go for it. They are actually doing good with what they already have. Less than 24 hours ago , I was browsing the net for a possible model of my second pair of VFF, and I found out about Adidas Adipure.

    I can’t help it but I actually wrote a blog about it right away. I understand that companies are always in competition, but I f there is really a need to create a barefoot minimalist shoe , Do they really have to put TOES on it?. For me, It’s what VFF is all about. That’s what Five Fingers is all about ain’t it?
    I’d still love to get a second pair of VFFs tho…and soon! =)

  4. Chris says:

    Oh nooooo!!!! The toes belong to V5F!!! This just shows total lack of originality on Adidas’ part. Hopefully Nike stays with the Free (which I like) and doesn’t hop on the 1-upper train.

  5. Justin says:

    Does Vibram really have a viable corner on footwear with articulated toes? Why should they get a monopoly on what is tantamount to a glove for the foot? The idea didn’t originate with them (evidenced not only by Al Bundy’s “God’s Shoes” in Married with Children, but by at least one actual prior patent on a five-toed shoe back in the 70s).

    Isn’t legit competition a good thing? I’m a huge fan of FiveFingers and I seriously doubt the AdiPures will be as good as any Vibram models, but I’m not going to dismiss them out of brand loyalty. Competition keeps businesses “on their toes,” pushing the envelope to produce better products.

    The main frustration I have out of this is just like the Fila situation — because Fila is (frankly) doing a better job at popularizing the notion of toe shoes via their extremely basic billboard advertising and distribution to big retailers, people are now being first introduced to toe shoes via Fila, which just seems bizarre to us who know FiveFingers were the original and are to date still the best by a wide margin. It’s irritating to have to explain that, no, Fila didn’t first bring the concept to market and that the Skeletoes aren’t even that great a product.

    Anyway, that’s my main beef — Adidas will make these things very popular, which will just make it harder for Vibram. But competition is good — and Vibram needs to step up it’s advertising game.

  6. Corey says:

    Well put, Justin. It’s akin to the Apple vs. Samsung situation. The patent situation is kind of screwy. Vibram shouldn’t be able to just sue away the competition because their product looks similar.

    I know a guy who purchased a pair of Skeletoes after seeing my VFFs, just because they were cheaper. He loves them. Vibram needs to give the public a reason to purchase their product over everyone else’s.

  7. Nonano says:

    Justin!!! Thats exactly how I feel!!! The skeletoes were kinda ugly IMO, but these new Adipure have great aesthetics. However i’m just pissed that they’re stealing the glorly so to speak, from our beloved VFFs. Plus, for me at least, theres this whole part of me that cherished the eccentricity of the Vibram brand, and the new Adidas looks like it might ruin it by making mainstream and not so unique (although, it would help with it being approved in gyms and such. I’d be mad if they approve the use of adidas in gyms just because its a brand name, and then ban VFFs)

  8. Cade says:

    Do they work good in water.

  9. Corey says:

    I don’t see I don’t know that these would be all that great in water. They don’t seem like they’d drain all that well. Also, I’m not sure how much water the soles would absorb. Even waterlogged FiveFingers can get a little heavy.

  10. Keith says:

    I have tried on both pairs of foot wear and can tell you my opinion from experience. What I like about the adipure is the feel of the upper material while wearing them, as well as the sheer availability and acceptance of the barefoot concept that has been introduced to the market. With that being said, V5F does have a 6 year head start on Adidas so Vibram is obviously going to still offer a far superior product when it come to terms of quality, design, and variation among models. I also believe that Vibram has been monopolizing the market on this type of footwear which makes little sense to me. Why would you patent a natural design of the human anatomy? Vibram did not invent the foot, nor it’s shape. This is just like someone inventing a type of mitten with fingers in it. Oh wait, it’s called a glove; you don’t see anyone putting a patent on that now do you? Competition is a necessary element of innovation and is required if we, as consumers, want the best foot wear possible.

  11. Very incredible. I am enthusiast after seeing Adidas adipure trainers.

  12. Adidas112 says:

    I just bought a pair and love’m glad Adidas (the only brand I ever buy)took it a step further! Maybe people who make gloves could take some notes. It’s like saying you hate sushi and have never tried it.

  13. joe keller says:

    I used to work at REI and owned a pair of Vibram (pronounced Vee-brum) 5 fingers and loved them until the stitching came undone. I took them back to REI and got my money back. I LOVE Adidas so I was happy to see that they are doing the minimalist shoe thang. As for people questioning the toes, they are what sets apart these from the other minimalist such as new balance and saucony (I own the hattori’s by saucony). My Saucony’s are cool but my feet don’t get near the workout as the 5 finger shoes gave them. Each toe has muscles that need to work in order to get the maximum benefits of going barefoot. I tried on Merrell’s minimalist shoes and did not like their feel at all! I do want to try Brooks’ new line as they look pretty cool and I love their other shoes – great quality! I am holding off on the Adipure’s though. I still think Vibram has the best! Their new komosports look pretty cool and I have heard from fitness peeps that they work well doing crossfit stuff!

  14. veronica says:

    En Argentina donde puedo conseguirlas?

  15. Manu says:

    I should say I’m glad atleast somebody officially sells five finger toe shoes in India now. I reallyw anted to get my hands on VFFs but sadly Vibram does not sell in India. I’ve just ordered my pair of Adipure. Waiting to try em on.
    All your comments we indeed very helpful.

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  22. Raghad says:

    Please i want to buy one of themis how?

  23. I have had my adidas five fingers adipure shoes since they were first release. I bought them from the 3stripes instructor program which discontinued. I love these shoes, fantastic. durable, supportive, best pair of 5 toes shoes I have had including the five fingers.

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