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New Analysis Ranks Top Cities for Golfers

by admin » on Apr 02, 2021 0

It’s that time of year again. 

You can almost smell the springtime in this March air. The birds are chirping, the trees are starting to bud—And most importantly, it’s time to dust off those clubs that have been sitting in your garage since last November, and head out to the greenway. 

Although it’s spring for some, many golf lovers will have to wait a couple more months before the weather is nice enough to enjoy an afternoon session. And many will find it’s still too rainy, too windy, or too cold to fully embrace golf season

Perhaps the true diehards should consider moving somewhere where they can enjoy golfing for longer, and with better views. This list shows the best cities in the country for golf lovers, and it’s no surprise The West takes the cake (sorry Floridians!). They determined the top cities based on their average weather conditions, number of highly-rated courses, quality of life, among others. 

The results? Your best bet is to head west because Arizona took the top spots. Scottsdale, Glendale, and Gilbert were named the top three best places for golf lovers to live. Behind them were Henderson, Nevada, and Irvine, California. 

In fact, all of the top 15 cities were in Arizona, Nevada, or California. It’s not so surprising, because most folks there don’t even need to put their clubs away for the winter. It’s like heaven, but with a perfectly kept greenway and an unlimited number of Titleist balls.

Interestingly enough, some eastern states hit the top 20 with Winston-Salem, North Carolina landing at number 16. Norfolk, Virginia, and Orlando, Florida came in at 19 and 20. 

So, sorry east coast lovers, you just might have to go west if you call yourself a true golfer! 

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