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Celebrating Father’s Day One Meme at a Time

by Kat » on Jun 18, 2021 0

Nothing says Father’s Day like sipping on an ice-cold beer, watching the game on TV, and staring at your hard-earned lawn for hours on end. We all know Dad takes pride in his lawn. From making sure the grass is green and lively, to trimming the hedges, to pulling up weeds, a well-kept lawn is a strong indicator of home value. Dads can be the proudest man on the block if their yard is up to par, but they can also be pretty envious of their neighbors. As Father’s Day approaches on June 20th, we wanted to share the best memes of dad taking care of his baby, his beloved lawn. 

When the Job’s Complete

Can’t Get Anything Past Dad

When There’s No Time For Coffee

Dad’s Got a Case of Green Envy

So as this Father’s Day approaches, make sure to thank dad for his years of…. maintaining the lawn? The world would be a lot less green without him.

No, but really, from coaching your little league team, or teaching you how to build a shelf, we can always count on dad for his expertise and knowledge.

And don’t forget to check in on those dads who are a little less confident in their lawn game this summer. According to this survey, there’s a lot of men who think their lawns suck compared to their neighbors—I know, it’s sad.

If you forgot to get a gift this year, don’t panic. Check out this list of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas to impress the old man.

The folks at MyFiveFingers wishes all dads a very special, green, and happy Father’s Day!

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