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Cozy Smartwool Classics

by Emily Gindle » on Jan 28, 2011 1

These certainly aren’t brand spankin’ new, but has anyone checked out the Smartwool Classics? My two favorite companies have combined forces to make this cozy, comfortable shoe: a Classic sole with a Smartwool ballerina-cut toe sock inside.

I haven’t had them long enough to start destroying them yet, but they’ve done something really smart to help with the longevity of a Smartwool piece that will have to take a lot of abuse: they felted the insole. Not only does this feel soft and wonderful, but it should hold up much better than if they had knit it.

Socks are usually a requirement for me with Fivefingers, because I don’t like the plastic-y, filmy feel of the nylon when it gets sweaty. My Performa Janes manage moisture really well (and why have such a cute shoe if you’re going to slap socks under it anyway?), but the leather is thin and tends to maintain the same temperature as the ambient air, which even indoors in the winter gets a little too chilly for me.  Not so with Smartwool: they stay nice and dry and help regulate my feet against cold winter floors.

The overall durability still needs to be tested. I’ve had some Smartwool long sleeve shirts that I’ve pulled holes into prematurely. (This is probably due to the fact that I rock climb in them–strike one–and sometimes snap the fabric into my backpack buckle–strike two–so I’m fairly abusive to my clothes, I’ll admit.) That said, I’ve had Smartwool socks that have lasted five years at a time before wearing thin, so I think if I keep the Smartwool Classics for casual use and hand wash them, they might last pretty decently for me.

Wool is good for warm temps, too–it’s a little known secret, but it’s way more breathable than synthetics are, and even in scorching summers here in Tucson I wear wool t-shirts and socks: much more comfortable than sticky nylon, so I imagine I’ll keep wearing the Smartwool Classics as the year rolls around.

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  1. Nori says:

    I wear Smartwool socks ALL the time. I have short ones and tall ones, bright ones and black ones, Cat in the Hat stripes, muted girly shades and socks with polka dots. I’ve completely stopped wearing anything else. Smartwool rocks!

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