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Day 1: Purchase Made

by Daniel Dessinger » on Aug 17, 2009 0

I did it! After a couple days of Web research, I took the plunge. Just after work today, I drove to the Luke’s Locker on Legacy Drive in Plano and tried on a pair of black Five Fingers Classics. I liked the Classics because they were the simplest and most attractive of the different styles.

I’ve been warned over and over again that there’s an adjustment period and to not expect any major results overnight. But I’m so excited! There’s something to be said about doing something good for your body and unusual in fashion at the same time. It’s rare to feel unique in any fashionable way. But this is unique, for sure.

I’ll be wearing these babies every day for a while, so my arches can strengthen and my body will adjust to the difference. Looking forward to telling you all about my Vibram Five Fingers adventures!

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