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Day 18: Someone at Work Finally Noticed

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 03, 2009 2

vibramI’ve been wearing my black Five Fingers Classics for 18 days now (think I wore regular flat-soled shoes once), and my coworkers finally noticed. In their defense, my baggy jeans touch the floor, so there’s only a little black visible most of the time. People just assume that you’re wearing regular shoes unless something draws they’re attention to them.

A group of five people were about to have a meeting in the main conference room when someone looked out and saw my feet and exclaimed, “Oooh! What are those? Are those shoes?” An explanation ensued.

From the conversation, I see that people are more likely to visualize the VFFs as rock climbing shoes (maybe like Tevas). But when I said they’re used for running, the looks of shock and disbelief on everyone’s faces were priceless.

But we’re a Web marketing agency, so we’re used to new and cutting edge styles and ideas. They adapted to the idea easily within five minutes.

Submitted Comments

  1. Elaine says:

    Love reading about your fivefinger experience at work! I went 2 months working at a bookstore before my managers noticed. Thankfully, my “closed-toe, closed-heel, all black running shoes” (KSO) were tolerated by my old manager. The new manager, however, not so much… particularly since I’ve encouraged two other employees to get them.

    Has anyone tried getting a doctor’s note for their toe-shoes? >.<

  2. Jacob says:

    I wear my VFF’s all the time at work. Since work for me is a data center and mostly computer work no one cares. They do get cold sometimes…

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