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Day 19: Long Baggy Jeans Versus Vibram Five Fingers

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 04, 2009 1

vibramIt’s been four days since my first run in these VFF Classics. My muscles are mostly recovered by now.

Despite the recovery, I’m more than a little annoyed. My fave pair of jeans are long and baggy. The hems end up under my feet when I walk. I never noticed or cared when I wore my Diesels or other shoes. But with the VFFs, I can feel everything, and the feeling of jeans under my feet is annoying and causes me to walk funny to try to avoid it.

After tweeting my frustration, barefootmichael replied with a tip: “Have you tried the “Trip Clips” from Terra Plana? They’re supposed to fix the baggy jeans problem. I’m going to try them.” Trip Clips? Never heard of ’em. So I looked them up.

Hmm. Interesting. Looks like an elastic band with a clip that fits on the bottom edge of the hem. Looks like it keeps pants out from under shoes. Not sure how they’ll look when used. But a helpful little bugger, to be sure. I’ll check out a pair soon, and let you know my thoughts.

Until then, stay thirsty, my friends.

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  1. Kalin says:

    Had my first encounter with the baggy jean problem. I rolled my legs up a little but thats temporary. I may hem some of my pants, I figure then if I had to wear regular shoes the cuff will ride correctly.

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