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Day 20: Ready for My Second Run

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 05, 2009 2

vibramToday is Saturday. My first run was on Monday. Most of my aches and pains are gone. The balls of my feet are still tender. They’re not calloused at all, and will probably need to be before running becomes terribly comfortable.

One thing is for sure: I will DEFINITELY be wearing my injinji Performance Micro Toe Socks with my shoes this time when I run. I think I’ll try the high school track down the street instead of the treadmill. I want to see how I feel running on different surfaces. Since the track surrounds the practice football field, I’ll give the grass a try as well. With my previous ankle injuries, I’m wary of even walking carelessly on most grassy surfaces (dips and holes can be hidden). Football fields and golf courses are the few exceptions where you can expect a nice level surface with little to no deviations.

I’ll either come back tonight and update with details post-run, or I’ll summarize tomorrow.

Have an awesome Saturday. This is a three day weekend for many of us. Wee!

Submitted Comments

  1. Bob says:

    Good luck on the run! I’ve been running in my Vibrams for about 4 months. Love em!

    Question: I have Injinji socks too but I can’t fit my toes in the Vibrams with the socks on. Are the Injinji’s you have really thin? Did you buy the Vibrams larger to make room for the socks?


  2. admin says:

    I think it was pure coincidence. The size they fitted me with at Luke’s Locker had some room. With the socks on, they felt much more comfortable. Turns out, that’s how I’d recommend doing it, since it’s less hassle to wash socks than shoes.

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