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Day 22: A Day of Rest

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 07, 2009 1

sunriseToday was a day of rest for me. I woke up early and took my baby girl to Starbucks. She wanted to sleep in, but we try to keep her on a schedule. We hung out at the local Starbucks for a couple hours. My parents showed up and played with her for a bit.

We attended the Saturday evening service at church, so we had the entire day Sunday to rest. I spent the middle part of the day blogging and reading.

My right foot ached and was tender for most of the day, so I opted to not push myself and take the day off. I still wore my FiveFingers Classics around the house.

Later in the afternoon, we took a trip up to Grapevine Mills so Heather could use a gift card on some new clothes. We were at Grapevine Mills for two hours. My feet were a bit sore after that. Nothing like standing on concrete for a couple hours to make you reconsider a six-month commitment.

But it’s all good. I won’t let something as simple as a few aches and pains stop me.

As you can see by the second photo, the lady at Starbucks gave us a free banana and I let Katie eat it all by herself. She loved holding it and watching her daddy peel back more. Good times.

So no real strenuous activities for me. Walking around the mall for two hours was a little rough, but then again, the ache was only in my feet. Usually, when I spend an hour or two at the mall, my back is aching like crazy.

Wow. I just realized that. My back didn’t even hurt. Normally I can’t bear standing still at the mall because my back aches the whole time. These shoes really ARE working. I just need to toughen up my feet.

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  1. Hiya.

    Its me from twitter. Great Blog you got. Really cute baby you have. I get free cheese at the grocery store but never a banana at Starbucks and I have been going there almost every day since I was born. Hey I think they owe me a banana. Anyway, I am wearing my KSO fivefingers for the 5th day in a row and the only problem is the Iningi socks. I got beige one (no clue what I was thinking) but they are so thick I don’t like them. It feels fine till I wiggle my toes then it bothers me. I wiggle my toes a lot. Dad is suffering from some minor foot aching on the ball of the feet but no back pain either which he always has so maybe they ARE on to something. Thanks for blogging your experience. I am becoming a fan of these things though. Too early to buy a eco-friendly fivefinger tee shirt? Probably.


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