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Day 27: The Rain Test

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 12, 2009 0

200236712-001Saturday began the predicted week of rain storms. Before I put on my Classics, I knew this would be a new experience. I purposefully avoided my Injinji socks in case my feet got seriously wet.

They did.

I’m not sure how exactly, but the moment I stepped in a tiny puddle of water, my feet were soaked. The rubber soles don’t rise very high on my VFFs, so water easily seeps in through the mesh.

It was an unusual feeling, but I didn’t mind since I knew my shoes were made to handle it. Of course, an hour later, my feet were still sopping wet, which wasn’t as fun. I took my shoes off several times throughout the day, somewhat concerned about letting my feet just soak in moisture in the dark.

My Classics never dried out until Sunday morning.

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