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Day 5: A Little Irritated

by Daniel Dessinger » on Aug 21, 2009 0

I woke up this morning, and I REALLY didn’t want to put on my Five Fingers. I just wanted some plain old shoes. I wore my Flat soled Diesels to work today instead of my Five Fingers. Since everyone I’d read about gave their feet a break, I decided to do the same.

It’s a weird feeling, because I don’t actually have any major aches or pains. But I miss that soft cushyness I used to get from every step. And I’m having to push off the inside of my right foot, which DOES cause me significant pain. Wish I’d gotten proper physical therapy after my surgery. Stupid hindsight.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m the same way with exercise. I get excited about working out and put all my effort into the first three days. By the fourth day, the new has worn off and I’m dreading the workout. It’s become the same old same old.

This isn’t quite the same, though. I’m not tired of the Classic Five Fingers. I’m just ready to feel pampered for a day and take a break. I wonder how many people wear these shoes all the time, or if they just wear them for exercise. I may be the opposite of most. I’m wearing them as normal shoes for awhile. My right foot is weak and I’m hoping that walking in these Five Fingers will slowly get my foot in shape.

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