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Day 6: Just Another Day at the Office

by Daniel Dessinger » on Aug 22, 2009 1

Surprise, surprise! No one at work is noticing my feet. Of course, I’m wearing the black Classics, which blend in with baggy jeans better than any of the other color styles.

I just kept waiting for someone to stare at my feet and freak out. Mostly I was expecting someone to accuse me of wearing socks without shoes around the office. But no. Nothing.

I even walked into one of the owner’s offices and had a 10 minute conversation with him, and he never once noticed anything different. So that was anti-climactic. Maybe I should buy some of the really bold colors next. :)

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  1. carp says:

    I just got these shoes over the weekend and already I don't want to wear my regular office shoes again. I decided to be direct and go straight to my boss to tell her I intended to wear these all the time. I have blue ones, so they're more noticeable. She doesn't like them, but I'm not giving them up. I'm going to have to get a doctor's note to be able to keep wearing them.

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