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Day 7: Stinky Toe Socks Means Buy Another Pair

by Daniel Dessinger » on Aug 23, 2009 2

black-injinji-socksI probably forgot to mention that I bought a pair of black toed socks when I bought my VFF Classics. They’re Injinji brand. The Luke’s Locker rep told me that some people prefer to wear socks because they keep the shoes from smelling bad as fast.

Eventually, the shoes will have to be washed. You can’t pop ’em in the dryer, though, so you have to wait until they hang dry. I’m not a very patient man, so I’d rather get as much use from them as possible before I have to wash.

It just happened to turn out that the rep fitted me with a pair shoes that had some wiggle room. With the socks, they’re a perfect fit. My Injinji socks also provide just a slight amount of comfort between my toes and the shoe. I’m not complaining. :)

Submitted Comments

  1. filip says:

    are the short ones available? i don’t like wearing long socks

  2. brruner says:

    I wear the ones with the quick laces. I’ve been running in very humid weather lately. The socks help with the sweating. The sweat buildup, without the socks, was making my soles turn soggy white in color.

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