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Detecting Stores That Are Selling Fake FiveFingers

by Dan Hinckley » on Oct 31, 2012 0

One of the questions we get most often is a request to verify that the deal on Vibram FiveFingers found on some remote website is legit. We’re usually pretty quick to answer this question with “If it’s too good to be true.. it’s not true!”.

Unfortunately for all of us FiveFinger fans, there are a number of websites out there hoping to take advantage of our passion for amazing footwear. They’ll show pricing that is unbelievable or buy 1 get 1 free deals that is often difficult for us not consider. Most of these sites are either selling counterfeit and low quality copies of Vibram FiveFingers or sites looking to steal your credit card information.

Before you purchase any pair of FiveFingers online here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re buying from a trusted site.

Check With Vibram

Vibram has been extremely kind to us consumers and provided a database of trusted stores and websites that we can purchase from. You can check out their searchable list here.

Before you buy, head over to their website, search for the name of the site and see if it comes up on Vibram’s site. If it’s not listed, DO NOT BUY from them.

Check Here!

We’ve taken a close look at the stores that Vibram trusts and have setup our own list of retail locations located near you that Vibram has stamped with approval. The Buy section of the website is dedicated to helping you find real and trustworthy places to buy FiveFingers.

Look for our Newsletters

Periodically we’ll send out email newsletters with the best deals we’ve found for FiveFingers. We check the legitimacy of these sites before sending them out to our subscribers. If you ever have a problem when buying from a store we point you to, just let us know and we’ll coordinate with the store owners to solve any problem you might have.

Owning FiveFingers changes many of our lives for the positive, but there is nothing worse than getting ripped off or finding out that the deal you thought you got was actually just a scam. Take a few seconds to check the legitimacy of a store before handing over payment information.

This is a guest post by Dave Hinch from

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