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Don’t Miss These Charitable Races

by Grace » on Jan 20, 2017 0


Charitable athletic events have been around for years; some claim that the first charity walk/run took place in 1969 and they’ve been growing in popularity ever since. There’s a good reason why thousands of runners sign up to participate in these events each year. Not only are you giving back to your community, but you’re also keeping yourself healthy by training and running in the race. If you haven’t already joined in on running for a cause, consider adding one of the following races to your list this year.

St. Jude’s Run to End Childhood Cancer 

The St. Jude’s race will take place in September 2017 with a goal of raising $700,000 to help families pay for cancer treatments for their children. You can sign up for the event in several cities across the US. There’s no need to feel intimidated at this race;  participants range from well-trained runners to individuals who intend to walk the course.

Boston Marathon

Each year, the Boston Marathon helps raise money for a collection of non-profit organizations. This year there are over 30 on the list. The official charity program offers free race entries to the non-profit organization who then raises funds for their cause through individual runners. For more information, check out the details here

T.E.A.L Walk/Run

The T.E.A.L run began in 2009 and has since raised over $2 million to help raise awareness around ovarian cancer and fun research programs. The main event takes place in Brooklyn, but there are many other participating races throughout the country.

Tough Mudder

This race allows you to choose between fundraising for Team Rubicon or selecting a charity of your choice. There are several different types of events for the tough mudder ranging from a mini run to a half marathon or more, but each one is sure to get you a little dirty as you trek through the muddy obstacle courses.  

The Color Run

This self-proclaimed “happiest 5k on the planet” is a race that everyone should participate in at least once, but after you’ve done it one year you’re likely to sign up again! The race has been raising money for various charities since 2011 and bringing happiness to runners who leave plastered in bright colored powder.

By participating in one of the above races, you’ll be helping yourself and someone else who is in need. We’ve seen many races that have gotten their start in recent years which focus on having fun and giving back. In fact, many individuals and companies are giving back to the community by signing up for multiple charitable races each year. Join the ranks and you’re sure to have a great time!

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