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by Tyler Hurst » on Dec 01, 2010 0

Not everyone likes to run alone. I sure as hell do, but I only like being alone for the actual running part. The rest of the process, including stat tracking, daily/weekly/monthly challenges and recommendations on gear and form, is way, way more fun when you include other people.

Two feet, many shoes

DailyMile is one of those sites. Great mix of shod and minimalist runners who train across the nation in varied conditions, giving you the best focus group ever. You can also use it to sync mileage from a Garmin or Nike+ device, but you can track more than just running. Cross training, biking, swimming, weight lifting…if you can train in it, the site and community can track and improve your progress. I’m participating in a monthly challengeright now. I would have run the mileage anyway, but it’s cool to make goals like that a group effort.

There are some people out there who run in even less than Five Fingers. To those people, I salute you. They run in homemade Huaraches that are surprisingly comfortable. The kit consists of two square pieces of Vibram soles and some rope. That’s it. Measuring, cutting and punching are all done yourself, or with the aid of video guides. The site also offers helpful advice for new runners and a Twitter account you can connect with.

There are even crazy Barefoot Runner Society
for the very dedicated. This group accepts any barefoot or minimalist runner, and joining or starting a local chapter is pretty easy. Five Fingers communities such as these make setting up group runs with similar runners a snap and offer more analog interaction than you’d get even from a steady running partner. Humans are social creatures and as such prefer groups, no matter how many lone wolf runner stories you might hear.

Jacob wears Five Fingers.

Barefoot Ken Bob’s site rounds out my personal list of go-to minimalist/barefoot sites. Learn from years of barefoot experience with a host of forums with questions from other beginning and and experienced runners. I especially love Barefoot Ken Bob’s beard and his new book, The Complete Book of Barefoot Running: Learn the Scientifically Proven Technique for Improving Your Stride and Reducing Injuries, is available for pre-order.

What groups are you a part of? You have a community that keeps you going? Share in the comments!

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