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FiveFinger Holiday Gift Guide

by Dan Hinckley » on Nov 24, 2011 4

Although the Holiday season is during the winter months for many, it’s still one of the best times of year to purchase gifts for minimalist runners, FiveFinger fans, and barefoot enthusiasts. The MyFiveFingers team has put together this list of items that we believe should be on every FiveFinger wearer’s Holiday Gift list:

    • There is nothing like a good inspirational movie to start of the holiday season and help barefoot runners keep moving through the winter. While the movie ending isn’t necessarily heartwarming, the themes and accomplishments of Prefontaine can inspire any runner to get off the couch and keep training.

Pre - Always Leading The Pack

    • There is nothing worse than cold toes, especially when you’re working to accomplish a long run. To help keep your feet warm during your winter workouts be sure to put on Injinjisocks before you slip on your minimalist shoes.

      Warm Toes? Check!

    • You can never have too many pairs of FiveFingers or Minimalist Shoes. RiverSports is still having an incredible deal with up to 40% off most models of Vibram FiveFingers. Add to your collection this holiday season.

Get a Pair of Bikila LS This Holiday Season

    • Many minimalist runners are very particular about what they put into their body, and one diet that is particularly popular is the Paleo diet. The Everyday Paleo diet cookbook is extremely popular. With an average review of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 250 reviews, this cookbook is outstanding!

Eat Well This Winter!

    • To help complement your runs, pick up a Kettlebell and start a number of workouts that will help keep you fit and in shape.

Add to your running workouts with Kettlebell training

    • One thing on the top of my gift list this year is the Sennheiser Adidas MX 680i Sports Headset. I love listening to music during a workout or run but hate it when my headphones and wires get in the way. These headphones are easy to clean (even with running water) and are designed to provide you great listening experience without getting in the way of your workouts.

Some of the Best Sports Headphones Around!

The above list is just a small collection of amazing gifts that any FiveFinger or Minimalist shoe wearer will love. What is on your gift list this year that’s missing from our list!?

Submitted Comments

  1. Mike says:

    Good stuff! Love the Prefontaine Movie and I use kettlebells every day.

  2. Bill Jansen says:

    Thanks for the tip on decent HeadPhones for running.. I’ve been looking for some recently.

    *Hate snagging my headphone cord while running*

  3. Micheal says:

    You might want to try a Bluetooth Headset.. Works great for me and no wires!

  4. Beth says:

    Running gloves – the #1 thing on my list

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