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FiveFingers Concept Shoe

by Brian Patterson » on Mar 26, 2012 2

One of the great things about social media is the amazing access you get to people and brands.  I say this minutes after Vibram tweeted a sneak peak of a new concept for FiveFingers from their labs:

(please note the ‘Pin it’ button on the image – if you like it and are a Pinterest user, please click it :)

Concept shoe from Vibram

The soles, look at the soles!  Here was the tweet:

Another awesome concept from the Vibram Creative Lab in Milan. Just an idea for now, but still amazing! #WelcomeToCrazy

Submitted Comments

  1. Joe says:

    Anything that gives more color choices for Classics I’m all for.

  2. K.A. Green-Wall says:


    But the real question is: do they come in a size 35?

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