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Handling Unforeseen Health Hurdles

by Grace » on Dec 19, 2015 0


You’re an avid outdoor runner, regularly hit up the gym, fill your pantry with healthy snacks, and take your vitamins on a daily basis. This means you shouldn’t have any problems with your health, right? We would all love to believe this idea to be true, but unfortunately not all health problems are within our control. There might be a time in your future when you have to jump over a major (or minor) health hurdle.

Of course, we are strong believers in leading a healthy lifestyle at My Five Fingers. Staying active has many benefits which can be seen on the outside, but the impact it has on your inside is even more important. Running can help to prevent unwanted illnesses and if you properly take care of your body you can reduce your chance of many injuries.

However, some illnesses can pop up no matter how healthy your lifestyle choices are. A few months from now you could be going in for a routine check up only to find out that you need to schedule a not-so-routine surgery. With the changes in health insurance lately, many individuals may not even have coverage for this type of surgery. No one wants to be paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. Fortunately there are companies like Health Insurance Innovations who can help you prepare and avoid being put in a bind like this. These companies provide affordable short term health insurance.

The new year is right around the corner, and most people will be making a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle or to beat their average mile time from 2016, but we think a good resolution would be to prepare for any potential medical emergency that pops up in 2017. Hopefully the year will be smooth sailing with no medical issues, but it would be safer to do some research now on many different providers, including Health Insurance Innovations and save yourself the trouble in the future. Preparing yourself with a great insurance plan is just as important to living a healthy lifestyle as running and exercising. Let’s all be prepared for the hurdles ahead.

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