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How To Get Your Next Pair of FiveFingers

by Kat » on Apr 08, 2013 2

Whether you’re a die-hard Vibram FiveFingers fan or you’re just thinking about investing in your first pair, everyone can benefit from this popular minimalist running footwear. So what is the best way to go about acquiring a pair of FiveFinger shoes?

Read this step-by-step guide for our five tips.

Figure Out Your Size

Vibrams are sized differently than most other shoes and that can make buying your first pair a little tricky. It’s always a good idea to go to a shoe store and try a few pairs on to determine the best fit for your foot. If you want to order online, you can figure out your size using this customized tool.

Shop Around

Check out a few different stores and websites before committing to the pair you want. Depending on the style and color you prefer, you could save yourself a good deal of money by looking for online deals or finding a site with free shipping. Make sure you don’t just buy a pair of Vibrams at the first store you walk into. Take your time to get the style you like at a price you’ll love.

Save Money

Vibrams aren’t any more expensive than a typical high-end sneaker – in fact they usually clock in way under a Nike or Saucony running shoe, but they aren’t cheap. Plan to spend somewhere between $50 and $120 depending on the style and color combo you choose. See these money tips for forty ways to save up so you can afford the FiveFingers you’ve got your heart set on.

Color Match

Some people scoff at the idea of picking a shoe for its color, while others insist that it’s important to look good. If you look good – you’ll feel good. When it comes to FiveFingers, you’ll certainly get some stares. The question is – do you want minimalist footwear that is as subtle and inconspicuous as possible (all black, maybe brown or gray) or are you going to go as flashy as you can? Pick the color combo that you’ll be most proud to wear!

Buy for the Right Reason

Are you the kind of person who has 10 pairs of Vibrams in the closet? Or do you wear one pair until they’re practically falling to pieces? No matter your M.O., buy Vibrams for your lifestyle. Some shoes are better suited for walking around, others are intended for running, while some are more waterproof than others and can be an asset to surfers, kayakers, or triathletes. Of course, you can always buy more than one pair, but opt for the style that is optimal for your intended use.

Submitted Comments

  1. Jennifer Barton says:

    I love my vibrams! They are the best minimalist shoe I’ve come across. As a former ballet dancer I like the ability to feel the variability of the ground and have the flexibility in the sole to adjust quickly. I really do feel like I’m running barefoot.

  2. Alison says:

    I saw someone wearing a really cool pair of these on my commute this morning!

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