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How To Scare The Crap Out of Your Neighbors…

by Kat » on Jan 14, 2014 5

Great picture on the front page of Reddit today… had to share with this funky shoe loving community.


You can read about the artist and check out more of his “live” shoes here.

As Vibram wearers, we tend to leave behind barefoot prints in the snow or sand. But imagine leaving behind a footprint like this!

Submitted Comments

  1. Brian says:

    Reading this post reminded me how bad I’ve been about kieepng up with my running lately! Your Nike Free Runs are adorable – I just love the bright colour. Maybe I just need some cute new running accessories to get me motivated ;)xox,Cee

  2. Hi Max,In this post you took example wherein you have one table is analogues to nodes (identity) and other is analogues to relations (vouches). What could be done if you have 10-12 tablesand creating a single csv for nodes is unfeasible as well as single relation’s csv?Thanks,Nirmal

  3. This is so beautiful! I love a good coffee cake and especially like that this is an overnight version. Perfect for brunch! Have fun with your family and have a safe trip!

  4. Paula, disse tudo!!!! Como muitas aqui, ainda tô na fase inicial do blog, onde tudo é um mar de rosas (nem tudo, já que a gente espera ansiosa por algum contato legal). Mas tô aproveitando da melhor maneira possível, e já ligada no que me espera daqui pra frente!Beijos!

  5. Ce serait donc, Traube, une manifestation supplémentaire de mon antisémitisme légendaire ?Il y a aussi, dans cet Eté à Belleville, une déclaration d’amour à mon ami le peintre colombien Luis Fernando Zapata Zapata…

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