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Josh Duhamel Joins The Five Finger Army

by Dan Hinckley » on Sep 21, 2010 3

It looks like Josh Duhamel is doing everything he can to be physically fit during the Transformers 3 shooting.  He’s even joined the Vibram Five Finger Army and has recently been seen sporting the foot-gear with his wife Fergie.    I bet he bases his entire physique on training in Five Fingers.   I bet he was telling Fergie how awesome they are when the picture below was taken.

Josh Duhamel isn’t the first Celebrity to be seen wearing Five Fingers and I’m sure he won’t be the last.   Time will tell if he’s able to convince Fergie into giving the Toe Shoes a try.

Josh is probably most known for his role as a soldier in Transformers, Transformers II, and the next movie in the series Transformers III.   He’s been known to be very particular about the way his lower body looks, and we imagine Five Fingers is his latest effort to help him look the way he wants.  The Daily Mail reported that Duhamel is known to have “asked for a movie poster to be retouched to make them look better.”  If you ask me, he’s on the right track with use of Five Fingers.

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