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Live in These Five States if You Don’t Want Your Entire Paycheck Going to Health Insurance

by Nancy James » on Apr 12, 2019 0

Health insurance is a necessity for most people, but it doesn’t come at a cheap price and because of that it is estimated that 8.8% of americans are uninsured. The cost of health insurance seems to be on the rise and a lot of Americans cringe when they see the amount taken out of their paychecks every few weeks.

A new study done by Weiss & Paarz revealed the average cost of health insurance by state and the numbers were fascinating.  Turns out the people in West Virginia have the highest percentage of their salaries going towards healthcare costs with an average of 4.06% of their salary being spent on healthcare. But when it comes to the average annual healthcare spend per person, the people in Maine are spending the most, with an average of $1,779.05 being spent every year.

This got us thinking, what are the best states to live in if you don’t want your entire paycheck going towards healthcare costs. Below you will find the top five states where people spend the least amount of their salary on healthcare coverage and costs over the course of a year:

  1. Maryland — 1.90%
  2. Hawaii  — 1.91%
  3. District of Columbia — 1.92%
  4. Alaska — 2.09%
  5. Utah — 2.11%

When they looked into the average amount of money spent on healthcare in each state, these states ranked with the lowest amount of money spent:

  1. Mississippi — $1,097.63
  2. Utah — $1,110.04
  3. Georgia — $1,116.20
  4. California — $1,150.01
  5. Texas — $1,152.92

So choosing where you live based on health care costs depends on what you care about — the money spent every year or the percentage of your paycheck. If you care about the percentage, Maryland is calling your name. But if the yearly amount is what matters to you, then check out Mississippi. Which would you choose?

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