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Meet A Sponsor: Farm Boy Logic

by Dan Hinckley » on Mar 07, 2012 5

The team here at is always thankful to the organizations and companies that sponsor this site and help us continue to grow the community. We wanted to highlight one of our recent sponsors,, and invited their founder to share the story behind his change and foundation of their company. Meet Patrick Smith, Co-founder of Farmboylogic:

Being the fat guy was something I was used to. Sure I wished I was in shape, but it was just that, a wish, a fantasy. Something I couldn’t see as reality. But it worked, I had my place. I had friends. I was just the… well, the fat guy in the group. I was lacking in confidence, which was something that bothered me, and which I attributed to being fat. When it came to girls… well that suffered too. It was college when I finally decided it was time for a change. I was ready to try anything. I read a lot of diet books. Spent a few bucks on snazzy workout machines, but still wasn’t getting there. I’d lose a little weight, and then gain it back and then some.

Finally the shift came. I came to the realization that in order for me make a permanent change to my body, first I had to make a permanent change to my mindset. You see I could spend a month or so working my butt off, trying to keep to a strict diet but without the right mindset I would ‘Yo-Yo’ right back to where I was.

That’s when I really thought about my priorities and what was truly important in my life. I decided that living a long and healthy life was more important than indulging in instant gratification followed by greasy regret.

I began designing a program I could follow to achieve the level of health and fitness I wanted to reach. Starting with a set of declarations that would allow me to change my mindset, making it so health and fitness wasn’t a struggle but a way of life. You cannot build a skyscraper on a faulty foundation.

Then I worked on my diet. Finding a lot of research on the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet, as well as the elimination of processed foods, I decided this was logically the healthiest approach to take. So I dove in.

Finally, I decided on a simple workout routine of: Day 1 Upper Body weight lifting, Day 2 Cardio workout, Day 3 Lower Body weight lifting, then the cycle repeats, followed by a day off on the 7th day.

Before & After

This was my program. Pretty simple, right? Simple, but it worked! In 3 months I lost nearly 30 pounds! I had finally done it and broken through the psychological barrier that the fat suit I carried around for over 15 years had held over me. I looked good in my new clothes and I was happy! I felt good, I felt healthy, and I felt like I could do anything!

I decided to take the program, fill in the all the little details, add in a few more tips and tricks I learned along the way, and publish it to see how many people I could help with my simple program.

The website went online this last October and Farmboy Logic LLC was born. I published the book-Guide to Natural Weight Loss in paperback through Amazon and as an ebook, which you can get at Barnes and Noble, Itunes, and through our website.

Farmboy Logic - Natural Weight Loss

Currently I am working on a second edition of the book, to add a weight-less workout routine I have developed, a few informational additions, and to fix a few typos! Overall it’s been a fascinating experience launching an online business and I have become acquinted with some really cool people in the health and fitness world.

We have big plans for our small company and will continue developing helpful products that will allow people to reach the ultimate goal- happiness.

Thanks again to Patrick and for sponsoring MyFiveFingers. Got an idea for products that they should consider creating?  Share it in the comments below!

Submitted Comments

  1. Patrick says:

    thanks for posting this guys! really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!

  2. Patrick says:

    By the way, I am an avid fivefinger user thanks to one of the special deals you guys posted! Cheers guys!

  3. Dan says:

    No problem Patrick! Glad you’ve join the FiveFinger Revolution! :)

  4. Hi Matt,You will need to forefoot stirke in the Trail Glove. If you heel stirke it will be very uncomfortable and you will cause yourself harm.To forefoot stirke you need to land with your foot below your centre of gravity and not infront as you would with heel striking. Your body should be leaning forward so that gravity creates a foward motion. You then simply lift the foot off the ground in what is effectively controlled falling forward.It is the process of lifting the foot off the ground that uses new muscles and cause pain if you rush into it. This is why the transition need to be gradual. This is true for both on-road and off-road running. For many people the discomfort comes in their calf muscles, a pain in the back of the leg below the knee. This is often because they are over using their calf muscles to lift the foot. You should initiially use your hamstrings, the muscle above the knee to raise the foot off the ground and then your calf muscle to bring the foot up behind you. This makes a world of difference.If you want to discuss the technique by all means gives me a call on the phone.

  5. Andy says:

    Awesome post! You’re right, I’ve seen more results doing very ltlite and eating real food. I think back to those days when I had a gym membership and I’d make myself run on the treadmill even when I was tired. I didn’t have energy and I didn’t want to be there. I was 30 lbs heavier than I am today and I struggled with losing weight; I thought I was doing everything by the book nutritionally and forcing myself to exercise. It was a losing battle. Over a year of paleo/primal, I’ve had fantastic results with energy, improving health and my physical shape has never been better (strong and sexy)!

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