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More Five Fingers Questions

by Tyler Hurst » on Feb 27, 2011 3

Every time I’m at some sort of public event, be it a spring training game, business networking meeting or even at the grocery store, I seem to always get asked about my shoes. I’m happy to answer the questions, but man, there are a few I’d rather not be asked again. Ever again.

This may sound harsh, but I swear common sense doesn’t apply when people see something they don’t understand.

1. Are they comfortable?
Yes, of course they’re comfortable. Are you shoes comfortable? No? Then why are you wearing them? I’ve never understood this question. Not a bit.

2. Can you wear them in the heat (as I’m wearing them in the heat)?
I laugh a little every time I hear this. While I understand the concern for people’s feet on Phoenix sidewalks when they are 115+, isn’t me wearing them right now proof that they’re fine? If I was hopping around like I was on hot coals, the question would make a bit more sense.

3. Will they hurt my feet?
First, how the hell should I know? I’m not your feet. Second, every single shoe ever probably hurt your feet at first (especially running shoes), but Five Fingers obviously doesn’t have the same issue. When I explain it took me about a year to figure out a proper running form, these same, often overweight, people look at me with disdain. Hey people: not everything is as easy as watching TV.

4. Do you wear them all the time?
This one makes a bit more sense and the answer is always yes, except for extremely cold and/or dressy conditions, which is pretty much the same answer most people would give when asked about their favorite shoes.

5. Do you like them?

6. Can you wear them with socks?
Yes, they do make Five Finger socks, but they really do make it look like I’m wearing SCUBA boots.

7. Do I have to change the way I walk and/or run?
Yes, Five Fingers will force you to change your walking/running form, but not in a bad way. They just make it far less appealing to heel strike and more appealing to land mid foot.

8. Do you sell or make money off of them?
Nope. There are a few resellers that offer affiliate deals, but I’ve never heard of a program offered through Vibram Five Fingers corporate, nor do I think they sponsor non-professional athlete types.

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  2. Marcus

    March 05th, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I get those same questions as well, on my site I made a FAAAAAQ (Frequently asked and asked and asked questions) for my Vibrams. When I went to the chiropractor with them on, the doctor kept bringing in more and more staff to show them, same when I went to a foot doctor a couple weeks ago.


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    March 06th, 2011 at 8:11 pm

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