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My First Time: A Vibram FiveFinger Shoe Experience

by Kat » on Apr 02, 2013 2

The Vibram FiveFinger community is an enthusiastic one! We love spreading our passion for minimalist running and we love hearing great stories from fans. For the month of April, we want to hear about how you came to be a FiveFingers fan.

How did you feel when you first saw the shoes?

When did you buy your first pair?

What compelled you to start running in minimalist footwear?

Share your story by emailing kat [at] myfivefingers [dot] com for a chance to be featured on our website.

This post is courtesy of Moiz Malik, HFS, ACSM, President of Education and Research at the Integrated Training Institute in Singapore.

I love to try new stuff especially if it’s something that people will think twice about wearing outside (like crocs or sanuk) and if it’s functional for sports.

I first found out about the FiveFinger shoes in 2010 when I was browsing around my local department store in Singapore and found a booth selling them next to Nike shoes. I thought they looked cool and asked to try on the Komodo sports model for size. It felt weird and yet, very comfortable at the same time. I wasn’t too happy about the price though (they were selling at US$200) as it was a direct import. I actually forgot about them for a few months.

Now for the story proper.

I have a history of spraining my ankle everytime I play sports. Doctors told me that I have a high foot arch and I needed shoes with good arch support. Despite getting expensive shoes with arch support, I’d always sprain both of my ankles once a month. My brother lived in Canada at the time and was coming home to Singapore for the Christmas holidays. He called one day to ask for my shoe size, saying he found a perfect Christmas gift for me, and promised that it would help with my ankle problems… When he came back for the holidays a little while later, he presented me with a pair of dark blue Komodo Sports! The exact pair that I tried on months ago.

Ever since then, I haven’t experienced a single ankle sprain and I feel more stable playing any type of sport. To date, I have 6 pairs of FiveFingers and several minimalist shoes/barefoot sandals (I make sure I research the models to see if they qualify as such first). Even though my collection has grown, my first love and my entry shoe that made me a minimalist and barefoot fan will always be my FiveFinger Komodo Sports.

Submitted Comments

  1. Suman says:

    If your heel is popping out it may be a sinizg issue. I would try on some a size or two smaller and see how they feel. I don’t think my heel has ever popped out in either of my classics our ksos. Due to the inspiration I got from this mod I now have no heel wear either in one pair! (I used to use extra stick bandaides then wrap with tape).Cheers!

  2. Paulina says:

    disse:sou o melhor no q gosto de fazer jogar é o meu dom. sou muito apdanoxiao futebol vou correr atras do meu sonho quero fazer um teste no seu clube irei a sao paulo finhal do mes de novembro para conceguis realizar meu sonho

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