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This Is Why We Need to Re-Think Our Love for Coffee

by Grace » on Jan 14, 2020 0

If you love coffee, chances are you crave it pretty much every day. More than half of Americans consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day, which can be equivalent to about three cups of coffee. But while the collective love for coffee is mostly fun, the consequences of being addicted to caffeine can do more harm than good.


Coffee is an addiction.


It’s not bad to drink coffee, and that’s not the point that’s trying to be made here. Drinking coffee becomes a problem when you’re having multiple cups a day, every day. If you need the caffeine intake to function properly or get headaches when you don’t have coffee, you’re probably addicted to it. Whether you like it or not, caffeine is a drug.

If you don’t think that coffee addiction is a problem, think about this: over 40% of Americans would rather give up their entire cell phone than their daily coffee. For something that has now become such an integral part of society, making a sacrifice that large just for coffee is astonishing.


Nobody talks about how unhealthy coffee can be.


Everybody loves to talk about how much sugar is in soda, but nobody seems to consider how much sugar can be in coffee. If you drink your coffee black, this doesn’t apply to you. But, when you order your daily latte with milk, two pumps of mocha, and a bag (or two) of sweetener, it’s likely your coffee has more sugar than a can of soda does.

Consuming that much sugar daily is simply not healthy, and you can’t use your need for caffeine as an excuse to consume that many calories and grams of sugar. At that point, it’s barely even coffee, but rather a glorified milkshake or hot chocolate. Now, don’t stop drinking flavored coffee altogether — it’s fine to have every once in a while. It’s unhealthy when it becomes a daily occurrence.

Despite this, you can still be healthy while consuming coffee — you just need to look at it from a different perspective. The glorification of sugary coffee drinks being disguised as just caffeine is unhealthy for the majority of Americans, and our culture’s obsession with needing as much caffeine as possible creates addiction. As long as you don’t consume too much coffee or sugar, you won’t be contributing to any unhealthy habits. However, as a community, let’s start to treat caffeine seriously.


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