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Q&A with Paleo Diet Book Author Adam Farrah

by Brian Patterson » on Jul 27, 2011 2

This is Part 5 in a 5 Part Series.  You can view the other parts here:  Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4

For the past few weeks we’ve published a series of articles on the very popular Paleo Diet (you can see them here: part 1, 2, 3, and 4).  These articles have been wildly popular, and it seems people are really intrigued by the diet and its principles.  The author of these articles, Adam Farrah, recently sat down with us to discuss his experience with Paleo and the Paleo book that he authored.

Adam Farrah, Paleo Diet Coach

Adam Farrah, Author of the Paleo Dieter's Missing Link

Why did you decide to write a book about Paleo?

I’ve been doing some version of a Paleo or primitive diet for more than six years. I felt that there were a lot of details lacking in the available books out there on the topic – particularly on the topics of individualizing the diet and making it work long-term. I wanted to make a significant contribution to the Paleo community and fill in as many gaps as I could in peoples’ understanding of the diet and the Paleo/Primative diet genre in general. I truly intended it to be “The Missing Link” for people to make the diet work for them.

What are some of the results you’ve seen from people switching over to your version of the Paleo diet? Any dramatic results?

The biggest benefit I’ve seen from people reading my book and understanding and implementing my strategies is that a lot of the confusion about Paleo and healthy eating goes away. My book has a Paleo focus – because I believe Paleo is the best foundation for a healthy diet – but I address virtually every aspect of a generally healthy diet and lifestyle in some way. The end result is that people can see “the big picture” of healthy eating and living and make and evaluate changes for themselves. The book isn’t about how I say to do things – it’s about a process and understanding that can help others create a diet uniquely suited to them.

The dramatic results I hear about over and over again are people finally understanding how to eat in a way that makes sense for them and works for their goals and lifestyle. I feel like the conventional pattern in any diet or athletic community is to fixate on a diet or author and then just follow that diet to the letter. What I’ve done is empower people to see the entire spectrum of what a healthy diet can and should be and determine where on that spectrum they need to be personally. It’s a matter of moving beyond “this diet vs. that diet” and “this author vs. that author” and into a deeper understanding. My goal in writing the book – and I’ve been told over and over by readers that I achieved it – was to give people the knowledge and resources to make their own decisions about food and eating.

What can readers expect to get out of your book?  Does it cover everything from beginner to advanced Paleo topics?

They can expect to gain a broad understanding of different types of diets, why Paleo is the best foundational diet template and how to create an individualized diet for themselves. They’ll also learn about some of the roots and history of the current Paleo movement and how Paleo fits into the larger diet landscape. And, there are plenty of personal anecdotes, examples, humor and rants from me as well. Plenty of people have told me that they can’t stop reading it once they get started because it’s engaging and entertaining in addition to being informative and educational.

“The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link” does cover everything you need from beginning to advanced topics. It IS an in-depth and detailed book though – 160 pages. If someone was just looking to get an idea of Paleo basics, a good place to start would be the articles I’ve posted here on and my own website,

How can people buy your book today?

“The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link” is available as an eBook download on my site. It works on PC or Mac and can be loaded on Kindle, iPad and other popular tablet computers. It’s $27 and comes with a no-risk, money-back guarantee. This is the information page for “The Paleo Dieter’s Missing Link.”

Anything you’d like to add?

Just a BIG thank you to for inviting me to do the Paleo diet article series and to all the readers who posted comments and asked such great questions. It’s one of my goals to bring Paleo to any community that can benefit from it and it’s been great to be here and interact with everyone. If I can help anyone out or answer questions, I’m always available at


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  1. Adam Farrah says:

    Thanks a lot, Brian! I really enjoyed doing the series with you and getting all the great questions from the readers!


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