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I LOVE my five fingers, my foot pain has gone away. I stepped in something gross and washed them exactly to instructions, and now I have to wash them all the time or they smell horrible… any suggestions? Can I replace the insoles?

Asked by Kim Higgins on Apr 30, 2012 3 Answers Provided. Official Answer:

Which instructions did you follow to clean them?  Checkout this question where we link out to some of the most popular cleaning methods.  It sounds like you do indeed have some stuff left in your shoes that is probably brought out by sweat, so every time you wear them the smell comes back out.  The methods I linked to above may help in giving you a fresh start.  Good luck!

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Submitted Answers

  1. molsonman says:

    I will put some laundry detergent and a cup or two of white vinegar in the clothes washer, allow it to agitate for a minute getting suds going. Then I will stop the machine and put my vibrams in for about an hour or so. Then I will start up the machine. Air dry after washing is finished. This also works well for judo and jiu jitsu gi’s

  2. Megan says:

    I contacted customer service for fivefingers directly to replace insoles that my dog got ahold of. I ordered my KMD sport LS’ directly from their website around 7 months ago, they verified that I purchased from them, and sent me a set right away. I also didn’t have to wait on hold, and they were super helpful with everything. Happy running!

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