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Hi I have a question about running. I’ll be doing a super spartan race in September. I plan on wearing my trek sports for it, I’m pretty confident that they will work on any surface that gets thrown at them during the race. My question is this, when running on different types of terrain how should your technique change. For example going from really sloppy mud to gravel to grass. Is there a video or article you would recommend?

Asked by Dan on May 01, 2012 5 Answers Provided. Official Answer:

Thanks for the question, Dan!  I’m going to see if our resident distance-running expert, Paula IJzerman, can help you out with this.  She’ll post an answer here when she is ready.  Thanks!

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Submitted Answers

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry for the late answer, I was running a long-distance relay the last 5 days.

    My advice on different surfaces is: try beforehand. Know the feeling and the reaction of your Treks. I’m sure they will suffice for every surface you’ll get. The traction of the soles will get you nicely over mud, grass, gravel etc.
    When running uphill or scrambling up slopes or whatever you need to do: keep you pace short and with a high frequency. When running in slippery mud or on wet grass, try to do the same. The shorter your stride, the less chance of slipping. Gravel will be one of the easier surfaces. There you can speed up. If you keep the frequency of your pacing the same, but lengthen the stride, you can pick up speed, but stay in 1 flow.

    I hope this answers you question. If not, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to answer more question!

    Ciao, Paula

  2. Dan Green says:

    That’s brilliant Paula, thank you very much for your help and advice.


  3. Marty says:

    Dan, are you running in the one outside Chicago? Did you decide to run in your AFF’s? I’m having the same debate. I ran in an ultra relay at the beginning of May. I ran my first two legs no problem (10k each) and then i woke up after a nap and couldn’t walk because of a trigger point muscle strain. It was the first time it has ever happened. I’m still planning the run in Sept in them, but I’m more cautious now I guess.

  4. Dan Green says:

    Hi Marty,
    No, I’m doing one in England. It hasn’t came around yet, I’m still probably going to run in VFF’s. Though whenever I do long runs (12k+) I do get a pain just above my Achilles tendon and it’s taken a couple of weeks for it to go away. I’m still looking into why it’s happening, but like you I am quite cautious about it.

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