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What was your first pair of FiveFingers?

Asked by Dan on Jan 05, 2012 4 Answers Provided. Official Answer:

We’ll let the community chime in and provide lots of answers to this one… but for me (Brian), it was the TrekSports.

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Submitted Answers

  1. Dan says:

    I personally picked up a pair of Black KSOs. Loved them from the first time I put them on!

  2. Greg says:

    I started with the KomodoSports about 8 monoths ago. They are AMAZING! Definitely looking to expand my collection soon. Make sure to grab some Injiji’s or other toe socks to keep the odors away.

  3. Rhys says:

    My first pair was also black KSOs. I just got my second pair–Bikilas.

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