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Review: SKORA Base Running Shoe

by Dan Hinckley » on Mar 27, 2012 0

SKORA is a newer shoe manufacturer that focuses on building shoes for runners, by runners. The company was founded in 2008, and while they’ve been around for a few years, my first experience with the brand was when they sent us a pair of their SKORA Base running shoe to try out. SKORA has a great website that provides a lot of detail about their products and after receiving the shoes and checking out the company a bit further I was definitely excited to give them a try and find out what they were all about.

The SKORA Base are designed for runners and built to match the natural shape of your foot. The shoe is built to optimize natural movement of your foot and to improve performance.

A First Glance at the SKORA Base

Skora Base Review

The SKORA Base in Silver / Grey / Black

The SKORA Base have a shinny look. They are a bit more bold than many of the other minimalist and running shoes that we’ve reviewed. My wife thinks they look a little bit like a moon shoe, and the reflectors on the toe box does add that effect.

The ribbon style velcro strap definitely catches people’s attention, but after using the shoe I understand the benefits of using this securing method on the full sockfit design. Personally, I prefer the look of the SKORA Form model (review to come) more than the Base, but I prefer to run in the Base model.

Technical Specs & Sizing

The SKORA Base are a zero-drop shoe but does include a 9mm Forefoot / Heel Stack height. It also includes an insole that is designed to be breathable and antimicrobial. At first I was concerned about the insole but after long street runs I’ve come to appreciate it. The insole appears to be included in the 9mm height and helps reduce the shock of running on hard surfaces.

The SKORA Base weigh 7.9oz. They come in Men’s sizes 8 – 12 and come in a Blue / White / Black model or a Silver / Grey / Black model.

Flexible Sole

The feature of the SKORA that I’ve been most impressed with is the Sole. It is extremely flexible but strong. I’ve run over 50 miles in the SKORA Base so far and see no signs of wear or tear on the sole which is a great sign for the future.

The sole feels a bit more flexible than soles developed by Vibram for FiveFingers or for the soles found on Merrell’s minimalist line of shoes. The SKORA Base sole is easily rolled up or twisted and when released returns to it’s natural form.

Skora Base Sole Review

The Best Part of the SKORA Base is the Sole


The SockFit feels great even though at first I was a bit surprised to see this style on a running shoe. The SKORA Base upper is cushiony, more so than I expected, but it is also breathable in that your feet don’t feel extra warm while wearing them. I have wide feet and have no problems at all with the SKORAs.

I did discover during my first run that you can easily make the shoes fit tight with the velcro X-strap. I suggest keeping this loose on longer runs as a shoe strapped too tightly will cause you to have some pain in your arche. Loosening the X-strap solves that problem quickly.


I wear a size 11 in most shoes and the SKORA Base in 11 fit me perfectly. I recommend you trying the shoe in your typical size before adjusting up or down. Remember to adjust the X-strap to get a snug feel for you.

Running in SKORA BASE

As I mentioned earlier, I have run a decent amount in the SKORA Base and have been really happy with my results. I’ve worn these shoes for my fastest mile times in the last 10 years and I have also gone significant distances with them without forming any new blisters or bad rubbing.

Most of my runs in SKORA Base have been on the street or sidewalk and I believe that these shoes are designed specifically for this type of running. If you’re looking for a more minimalist approach but still do most your running on concreate or cement than the SKORA Base may be perfect for you as they provide a zero-drop feel with just enough cushioning to keep you free from injury.

Socks or No Socks

With a Sockfit style I wasn’t sure if the shoes should be warn with or without socks. The SKORA website shows runners always wearing socks while running in them. I decided to try them without socks.

I had no problem and was comfortable running in the SKORA Base without socks. They do get a bit warm while wearing socks during long runs, though. After trying a few different styles of socks, I found that I was most comfortable running in the SKORA with the AFX Toe Socks. My feet stayed cool, comfortable, and the AFX Model helped my feet and the SKORA Base stay free of any smell issues.

Who Should Buy These?

Without a doubt, these shoes are prefect for anyone that does longer distance running in the city or suburbs. They are a great match for people looking for just a little bit more cushion than what’s provided by Merrell or Vibram for zero-drop long distance running on harder surfaces.

The SKORA Base feel great, are durable, and have helped me reach performance goals that I’ve been working towards the past few months.

More Pics!

Another Look at the SKORA Base Sole

SKORA Base Flexible Sole

Another View of the SKORA Base Flexibility and Styling of the Upper


The X-Strap offers easy and secure support

Skora Base

A Profile shot


The SKORA Base is a great running shoe. While I may not find the design to be especially attractive, I still find myself selecting these shoes over many others when I go out for my daily run. They feel great, fit great, and help protect me on longer runs on hard surfaces.

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