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Springtime Giveaway

by Kat » on Apr 03, 2014 0

vibram_footprintThe sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it’s that time of  year when going for a run outdoors is a surprisingly pleasant experience. For the truly hardcore runners out there, winter weather is never an excuse to stop exercising, but when it finally warms up, people emerge from the woodwork and pound the pavement.

Waking up early to fit in exercise is easier than ever when daylight savings begins and the ice melts away.

So… to celebrate spring and thank the loyal fans in this community, we’ll be giving away a pair of Vibram FiveFingers to start the season off right.

So tell us – why do you need a new pair?

  • Do you have a race coming up?
  • Are you trying to shake a persistent injury and want to try minimalist running?
  • Are your old pairs all worn out?

No matter the reason, let us know why you deserve to win a pair on our Facebook page and we’ll select a winner next week!

Good luck!

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