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Take “Routine” Out of Your Run

by Christine Skelly » on Jun 02, 2011 0

The reason many people hate exercise in general and running even more so is that it is often viewed as a task, or worse, punishment.  Whether it is to achieve a goal which could be weight loss, lowering blood pressure, or training for a marathon or 5k we promised to race in to raise money for charity, this minimizes the joy of running itself. And while these are all good results that come out of running, it often produces grumbles and groans before one’s shoes are even strapped on.

But with anything in life, if you enjoy something, you are going to do it more, and you will find excuses to sneak time in for these things you enjoy and they will become a priority. So when it comes to weight loss it is important that you find what is fun or else you will be dreading the gym where you feel like a hamster in the proverbial wheel while on the same elliptical at the gym every week.

Likewise, it is important to keep any workout, especially runs, spicy and fun, so I have compiled a list of reasons to go running.

1. To go explore.

Experiencing your town from the perspective of a car is very different from experiencing it up close when you are on foot, or even biking or rollerblading.

2. Run in a group.

Doing so will make you responsible for attending your runs, but it also provides competition and support as well as a social outlet.

3. Run somewhere new.

Changing your setting will not only allow you to explore somewhere new, but your body will also have to adapt to its surroundings keeping it alert and awake.

4. Run at a different time of day.

I have run at almost all times of the day and a night run is certainly different from a morning run. While it may be your same neighborhood route, a different time of day will treat your body differently and give a different experience (though running at night should not be done barefoot).

5. Turn it into a scavenger hunt.

By turning the run into a game, your mind shifts out of the fact that it is working, and instead it is playing. If it is a morning run, try to spot 3 dog walkers before you are home, or look for 5 stop signs before you return home.

6. Race yourself.

Keeping track of your times and racing against yourself can push you to do better, all you need is a watch to beat your PR.

7. Race others.

Even more fun, bring it back to the school yard days where you have to run to the end of the street and back, or see who can make it to the end of the trail first and you will push yourself longer in an effort to win.

8. Run to a (fun) destination.

Making running your mode of transportation not only makes it useful, it gives you something to look forward to when you finish your run while you recover. I like to do this when I have errands to run around the city.

9. Take a Point and Shoot.

Document the fun and cool stuff you see at a new trail, or run somewhere like the long beach boardwalk and you can photograph all sorts of sights that will be fun and document your run.

These are just some of my ideas for making your run a bit more exciting as you bond with your FiveFingers, but I’m sure you have ideas of your own.

Let us know what you do to make your runs fun! Leave a comment below, and we can try them and write back about how they went.

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