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The Year-Long Giveaway has a Sponsor!

by admin » on Feb 23, 2011 1

As you probably know, we are running a really fun giveaway during 2011 where we are giving away a free pair of FiveFingers each month.  There are a number of different ways you can enter to win (details below), and if you are selected, you get to pick your style and size and they’re shipped right to you!

Today we are proud to announce that we have a new sponsor for the giveaway:  River Sports! It will now officially be titled “The & River Sports Year-Long Giveaway”.

River Sports is the original online outdoor equipment retailer, having been online selling great products since 1995!  They also have 5 physical locations that you can drop by if you are in the Tennessee area.  River Sports will be providing the Vibram FiveFingers to the winner each month, and will also be supporting our vibrant community in a number of other ways.

If you are looking to buy outdoor footwear or equipment, please pay River Sports a visit.  They are supporting our growing community here, and we’d love to return the favor to them!

How to Enter the Giveaway

If you haven’t yet entered the giveaway, there are a bunch of different ways you can do so!

  1. Subscribe to this site’s newsletter using the form below
  2. Like the Facebook page
  3. Follow @MyFiveFingers on Twitter
  4. Tweet out the Year-Long Giveaway with a link to this page and use the hash tag #WinFiveFingers
  5. Link to this page from your blog or other website (be sure to leave a comment below with a link to your site so we don’t miss any)

Subscribe via Email to enter the giveaway:

You receive one entry for each method you use, and your entry is good all year!  So for example, if you Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to the newsletter (below), and follow us on Twitter – thats 3 entries!  You can increase your chances of winning by adding links or tweeting about the giveaway each month (options 4 & 5).

We’ll track the entries and randomly select a winner each month to receive a pair of Vibram FiveFingers.

1 Comment

  1. Michelle Cope says:

    I just checked out like you suggested and I really like their store! They’re not trying to jack up the prices like some other online stores do AND they offer FREE shipping on orders over $50 (which everyone knows that a pair of VFFs costs more than $50)! I’m all about some free shipping! Their prices are right in line with prices on the Vibram site. I’ll seriously be doing some shopping there!

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