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Thomas Jane also Loves FiveFingers

by Brian Patterson » on Sep 21, 2011 1

Apparently FiveFingers are the new “it” item in Hollywood… who knew?  Here is a picture of Thomas Jane at the premier of “Hung”, a TV show he stars in.

We know that a lot of people aren’t into this whole celebrity worship stuff… and we aren’t either.  However, we do feel obliged to post these pics because, for some people, it validates that FiveFingers aren’t just for nerds/dorks/weirdos.  We know thats not true, and we don’t need said validation, but many in the mainstream do.  You can see the other celebrities we’ve posted about here.

Thomas Jane wearing FiveFingers at the premier of 'Hung'.

Thanks to commenter “John” on our Danny Glover post for the tip.

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  1. Victor says:

    This is funny because I just finished season of Hung. I think he should have sported the black sprints or classics. They would have went well with the rest of this clothing. :-)

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