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Tips For Eating Healthy At Sporting Events

by Grace » on Jan 24, 2018 0

For lots of people there’s nothing quite like going to an arena or stadium and rooting on your favorite team in person. The sights, smells, and especially the sounds of live sporting events really elevate the experience above and beyond simply watching it on TV. But what to do about the tastes?

When most people think of stadium food everything that springs to mind is probably pretty unhealthy, and for good reason. Pizza and ice cream are the most common types of food chains found in such venues, and things like hot dogs and nachos are synonymous with live sports for many people. While those are classic comforts, they aren’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. So what exactly are health-conscious sports fans supposed to do if they want to enjoy a day at the ballpark without turning it into an epic cheat day?

The best solution, and one that most people don’t know is available to them, is to bring your own food into the game. While this doesn’t apply to every stadium or arena, and almost none of the arenas used by NBA and NHL teams, the majority of Major League Baseball teams and many National Football League teams do actually allow fans to bring in outside food and beverages when they enter the stadium. Always check the team website to make sure outside food is allowed before heading to the game, and if it is make sure to follow the team’s established security policy for bringing it in. Once you’ve done that, however, you can enjoy healthy snacks and meals prepared at your own home at the game, allowing you to eat right while also saving you money!

For those hockey and basketball fans out there that sadly can’t bring food in with them, a new trend in urban planning may be the answer. Stadium districts is a term that refers to the dining, shopping, lodging, and entertainment options in the area immediately surrounding an arena or stadium, and they have become a very hot trend in recent years. For those looking to eat healthy, stadium districts often provide a wealth of dining options, including many restaurants offering fare that is much healthier than what can be found inside the stadium, with the convenience of being within walking distance of the arena. Grabbing a meal at one of these options before or after a game is a great alternative to unhealthy stadium food.

Whichever route you choose, a little research on a stadium’s outside food policy or the dining options around an arena can go a long way when it comes to eating right while rooting on your favorite team!

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