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These are the Top Three Fitness Tools to Help You Get in Shape in 2019

by Kat » on Jan 08, 2019 1

With a new year upon us, people across the country are taking steps to meet their 2019 fitness goals. And if you’re among those who have decided to get fit in 2019, you may have already joined a gym, signed up for a months worth of fitness classes, or stocked your pantry with vitamins, supplements, and various other health and fitness potions.

But aside from the traditional means of getting in shape, consider some of the latest fitness trends. A new fitness app or fitness tracking gadget might be just what you need to jump-start your fitness journey. Here are 3 game-changing tools that can help you get in shape in shape this year.


Since their initial release in 2013, Fitbits have made their way onto wrists all over. Originally, the appeal of the product centered around its unique step-tracking feature– which was impressive for its time. Over the past 6 years, however, Fitbits have evolved into much more than just step-tracking wrist straps. The latest model keeps tabs on your activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep– syncing personalized data to your phone or laptop and allowing you to track your daily progress. Thus, it’s safe to say the Fitbit is the ultimate gadget for anyone looking to improve not just their fitness, but their all-around health in 2018.

Man Riding Black and White Mountain Bike

Apple Watch

Similar to the Fitbit, the Apple Watch allows you to track your daily activity via its “activity” application. From your step-count to the number of calories you’ve burned to the time you’ve spent standing, the Apple Watch keeps tabs on all things pertaining to your personal fitness. It also allows you to set goals for yourself and notifies you once you’ve met them. What more could you want in a fitness gadget?

Couch to 5K

If you’re looking to incorporate cardio into your workout routine, but aren’t sure where to begin, Couch to 5K might just be your new holy grail fitness app. Unlike apps like Nike+ Run Club, one of the most popular fitness apps according to SimpleTexting, Couch to 5K is designed specifically for those with no history of running. In other words, it was made with self-proclaimed couch potatoes in mind.

And if you commit to running just 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week, you’ll be able to run over 3 consecutive miles in just 9 weeks. So who knows, if you start now, you might find yourself running a 5K by mid-March.

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