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Vibram is BIG at ORWM 2012

by Dan Hinckley » on Jan 20, 2012 8

After spending the day walking around the Outdoor Retailer 2012 trade show and talking with a number of different shoe manufacturers, I’ve noticed that Vibram is not only featured in their own booth, but also in the booths of others, including New Balance and Merrell. Additionally, there are a number of hiking boot manufacturers that are advertising Vibram soles as being a valuable part of their shoe. It’s no wonder that Vibram helps sponsor this event.

Merrell's displays show more of Vibram's soles than their own minimalist line of shoes.

Vibram’s Exhibit

Vibram’s exhibit looks great. They’re doing a awesome job of showing off their product line, updates, and new styles. We spoke with Vibram’s marketing team and they all seem extremely excited about 2012! Each rep stood out, proudly wearing FiveFingers.

Vibram's Booth at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012

Vibram is showing off their upcoming product line. Vibram’s 2012 lineup will include the FiveFingers Speed LR. The shoe is a described to be a “more rugged version of the original Speed” but sporting the Trek outsole. The shoe upper is made from Kangaroo leather and includes a leather sock liner. I love the look of these and can’t wait to try them out.

Men's Vibram FiveFinger Speed LR

Men's Vibram FiveFinger Speed LR

Vibram was clearly most excited about their Lontra line for both Men and Women. They’ve been listening to everyone’s requests for a cold weather minimalist running shoe and hope the Lontra will deliver. The Lontra is designed to include insulation and water resistance to help keep you dry and warm while on your winter runs. It also includes a neoprene heel cuff to trap out out snow and debris. The Lontra looks great but it unfortunately won’t be a solution for cold runs during the next few months since the shoe should hit shelves until next Fall.

Vibram's Men FiveFinger Lontra

Vibram's Women FiveFingers Lontra

The Fall/Winter 2012 Vibram line looks exciting. We’ll be taking a closer look tomorrow and will share all of the additional information we find out about the product line.

Submitted Comments

  1. Corey says:

    The Speed LR’s look great! So glad they changed the sole.

  2. Tyler Hurst says:

    Plus 10. Love everything about my Speeds except for that damn sole.

  3. Marcus W says:

    Wish those Lontras were available now! The Manhattan Half-Marathon is tomorrow morning, during a snowstorm (won’t be able to plow – lots of slush getting my feet wet)

  4. Benjamin says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Lontras – IF they come in my size. I’ve long been limited to a small subset of the Fivefingers line, due to my small feet – I mostly wear a couple pairs of size 38 mens KSO Treks.
    I was quite disappointed when I learned that the Bormios wouldn’t be coming in anything under a size 40. I really wanted a pair of them! Hopefully the Lontras don’t end up doing the same thing.

  5. Paula says:

    Benjamin, if you try to find a wholesaler or retailer that gets sample-material, you might be able to get what you want. The sample-shoes are in 38. Well, at least in Europ they are. Also, in Italy they might manufacture them in smaller sizes, since Italians aren’t that big.

    And in answer to the article: I. NEED. THOSE. LONTRAS! ;-)

  6. Marcus says:

    Update: Ran the full half in Bikilas with smartwool toe socks on. The course was plowed just before the race started, but it was snowing heavily, and it just accumulated again quickly. Mostly packed snow, not too much slush. My toes were wet, but stayed warm, thanks to the wool. Every now and then I’d hit a puddle, and the cool water actually felt refreshing. Still will be happy to have a true waterproof/winter shoe when it comes out, though.

  7. Ken says:

    Ben, nope you’ll get screwed out of choice just like me. It’s classic/sprint/kso only for us, and only in black or green or some such boring style. I hate this company, even though they have a good, useful product.

  8. Frank says:

    Well, the Lontras look more like a high-top pair of Flows. Saying that they have made their first “water-resistant” shoes is a bit inaccurate as the Flows were out as one of their first offerings after the classic.

    Right now, I’m more interested in things like the KSO Treks where they’d pass more like casual mocs for business casual- along with some of the dress casuals from Vivobarefoot. Sane/plain color choices should be made available for all their lines- not everybody wants to wear garish stuff and some of us want to wear this stuff everyday.

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