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WE HAVE A WINNER! January 2011

by Dan Hinckley » on Feb 01, 2011 2

The team here at is proud to announce the first winner of the 2011 monthly FiveFingers give away. Congrats to Brian Cason aka @Brionious! You’ve just won a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. (Brian, Please email at to get the ball rolling.)

After combining all the entries in a big hat, we randomly selected one of the entries and Brian’s tweet came out the winner. Here it is below:

Win a pair of Five Finger every month of 2011 from @myfivefingers #winfivefingersless than a minute ago via web

We’ve reached out to Brian and we’ll be getting his info on the style and size of Vibram FiveFingers that he wants. He may even want to use the VFF sizing wizard we’ve created to make sure he picks the perfect size for his feet! You can even embed the wizard on your sites to help others find FiveFingers that fit them best! We hope to share Brian’s story with you on what he picks and how he likes them!

Now that its February, its time again to add another entry to the mix. You can retweet out the contest again in February for an additional entry (just link to the contest page and use hashtag #winfivefingers). You can also write another blog post or website update for an additional entry. At the end of each month we’ll randomly select winners and post them here on

We look forward to an exciting 2011 of Five Finger giveaways! Thanks to everyone who is participating and spreading the word. We’re building a great community of VFF fans here! (and if you haven’t joined the mailing list, you can do so below!)

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  1. I just tweeted again, Twice actually, I forgot the page link in the first one.

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