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Where to Get Fivefingers Shoes in Dallas

by Daniel Dessinger » on Mar 13, 2010 1

Just because at least one of you has come to this site searching this question, I got my shoes at Luke’s Locker in Plano. There’s another Luke’s Locker in Colleyville, and probably one in Dallas. I’ve heard that REI and Sun & Ski Sports also carries some models, but I haven’t confirmed. If you locate other stores in DFW that carry Fivefingers, let me know.

I also found a place or two in the Florida Keys (where I bought my 2nd pair), so hit me up if you need directions.

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  1. Scott says:

    Just to confirm your rumor, I work at Sun & Ski Sport and we do carry Vibram Fivefingers at our stores and online. Thanks!

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