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The Wiggles Wearing FiveFingers – Submit A Caption!

by Brian Patterson » on May 18, 2011 9

Our friend on Twitter, @billiewilma, sent us this great picture she took yesterday when she saw The Wiggles live!  Notice the blue and purple Wiggles, Anthony and Jeff , are wearing FiveFingers.  We love seeing celebrities and other public figures in FiveFingers, Josh Duhamel for instance,  and we’ll be posting a couple more sightings we’ve gathered this week.

For this picture, we thought we’d have a little fun.  So, take a look at the picture and then think of a good caption for it.

I’ll take a first stab at this.  My caption submission is “50% of the Wiggles just got a bit cooler“.  Ok, that wasn’t that great, I’m sure you can do better!  Submit a funny/clever/whatever caption in the comment section below.

The Wiggles wearing Vibram FiveFingers

And here’s a closeup…

closeup of Wiggles wearing Vibram FiveFIngers


Submitted Comments

  1. Kasey says:

    Two of the Wiggles can now wiggle their toes!

  2. Mikey says:

    My 4 year old already thinks I’m cool. I need Lady Gaga to slap on a pair of FiveFingers so that my teenagers realize I’m cool!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks everyone for the great submissions. Here are some that were submitted to us on Twitter and Facebook:

    You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out . . .

    Wiggling my toes!!!!!!!

    Just the simple: WiggleToes! A skit about the shoes (with ALL wearing them) could influence a lot of Parents to consider purchasing same. How good that would be for the kids!

    This little piggy went to market….

    (and a couple who either were joking about how they looked like they were from Star Trek, or actually did think these were Star Trek Characters)

    My friend wants to know where Spock Is

    Beam us up Scotty!

    Fivefingers, the finial frontier

  4. Adolfo Neto says:

    I don’t know who The Wiggles are, but better wearing Vibrams than regular shoes.

  5. Missy DePietro says:

    “Can you point your fingers and wiggle your toes!”

  6. Lisa Hind says:

    You too can be part of The Wiggles! If your looking for something to bring out the wiggle in you…then this is just what you need! You too will be dancing along with the fab 4!

  7. Hill (Mimismum) says:

    How about, “Yay! Now we can count to 20!” hee hee

  8. Dawn DuBois says:

    Wiggle your fingers, Wiggles your toes, everybody dance together.

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