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3 Reasons Why Beach Running is the Best

by Kody Carling » on Jun 08, 2017 3

Summer is coming, and we all know what that means.

Summer is the absolute perfect time to transition from running indoors on a treadmill to running outside. However, not all types of outdoor running are created equal. Beach running is the ultimate calorie blasting workout. Here are the top three reasons why beach running is the best:

Views on the Go!

Running on the sand creates the perfect combination of a soft running surface, and a stunning view. Running on sand versus concrete or pavement can have immense benefits. By choosing to run on a softer surface, your smaller, stabilizing muscles in the knees, ankles and feet have to work harder than running on roads. Therefore, continual beach running and strengthening of such muscles may help to prevent injuries later down the road. Running with ocean views can also have a reinvigorating effect, making work or school all the more bearable.

Run with a Pet

Beach running also creates the perfect opportunity for you to exercise with your furry friend. Research done at the University of Missouri has shown that individuals who exercise with their dogs are more likely to stick with their workout routine. Runners also find that bringing their dog along on their runs help them to focus less on their running time or calories burned. Running on the beach also permits the opportunity for both you and your pet to cool off after a long run. Not every beach is pet-friendly, but here are ten of the best spots across the US to go running with your dog on sandy shores.

Up the Burn

Running on the beach also burns more calories in comparison to running on pavement. Typically, you may burn about one-and-a-half times more calories than when running on a hard surface. This makes beach running the optimal workout for those who want to see results, but also decrease their training time. Experts recommend starting on the hard sand near the water first, so that you can slowly ease into sand running.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your tennis shoes, grab your dog and hit the beach!


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