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Day 17: Oh Noes – The Post Run Aftermath

by Daniel Dessinger » on Sep 02, 2009 11

Yes, the dreaded day is upon us. The aftermath from yesterday’s run. I am such a wuss. But that’s okay! I’m just getting started!

I woke up this morning, stood up, and OWWW! Pain! What is this strange sensation in my feet and legs? What is it? Oh, Doctor, tell me, am I going to survive?!?!?! Oh, that’s soreness and stiffness from DOING SOMETHING MY BODY HASN’T DONE IN TWO YEARS! Oh. Right. That.

Some muscle on the outside of my left foot that shoots up my leg from the ankle is really sore. When I point my foot downward, I can feel the burn. It’s the exact opposite on my right side. The right foot is achy in the middle and inside, going up my leg. So these are obviously muscle groups I haven’t used much in months past.

My back is surprisingly not bad at all. I have VERY MINOR aches throughout, that are expected aches that will turn into stronger muscles.

The only downside to my first experience running in my VFFs would be the borderline blisters on the balls of my feet. I made the mistake of not wearing my toed socks yesterday, and the friction of foot on ground apparently was a bit much. That’s okay, though. From what I hear, initial blisters are common and part of the toughening up process.

I want my feet to be sturdy and durable for the first time since I was a child. I want my back to strengthen and my posture to significantly improve. I’m 32 years old and just catching all of this right in the nick of time. If you can develop solid healthy habits in your 30s, you’re far more likely to avoid unnecessary organ failure and other health problems in your old age.

We have to give our bodies enough good nutrition, exercise, and proper alignment to be restored and to set us up for optimal retirement age health. Those are goals I’m thinking about even now. My grandpa died this summer, and I miss him. He lived to a ripe old age of 88, but his last few years on this earth were difficult. He could barely walk. He was bent over from horrible posture. He got almost no exercise. His diet was horrible. I love the man. He was a joy. But he could have avoided much of the discomfort and disabling issues by living more responsibly at an early age.

He is my motivation for living well today.

Submitted Comments

  1. cliff says:

    suck it up, man! you’ve gotta keep going. i’m watching you to see if a person can really can run better in these silly looking shoes.

  2. daveb says:

    Did you stretch? Some of your pain could be from a lack of stretching or hydration.

  3. samantha says:

    My feet ache all the time. I hope it works out for you. If it does, I’ll buy some of those shoes. But I won’t take the time to test them out myself. I need to know they work first.

  4. spykid54 says:

    SWEET SHOES! OMG. I gotsta get some, son! EPIC! Where day at?

  5. angelfood says:

    Do they feel funny? I still can’t imagine being able to wiggle my toes through a little toe sleeve. Sounds awkward to me.

  6. RAYRAY says:

    Those shoes are HAWT. For realz. Git ’em. Git ’em. Git ’em!

  7. fitnessguru says:

    I have a pair of Five Fingers. They’re great. Can’t say I wear them as much as you, but I wear them for all my jogging and climbing. Took me a solid month to adjust, I think. Wouldn’t trade them for anything, now.

    Keep it up! It’s worth it.

  8. TetsuBo says:

    Got a pair of VFF Classics, I wear them as much as I can, to work as well.
    Otherwise I wear a pair of Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Aquas, a very good alternative when you need something more shoe-like but still want the barefoot feel.

    I just started jogging in these, having never really exercised at all before. It takes a while and your calves will be killing you when you go out on longer runs but the feeling of it all is worth it without a doubt.

    Also you might want to check out a small community revolving around VFF’s.

    Keep up the good work.

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  10. daveb says:

    Did you stretch? Some of your pain could be from a lack of stretching or hydration.

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