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Every states most common ache and pain revealed

by Kat » on Nov 08, 2023 0

Everybody has experienced the pain of completing a great workout only to wake up and feel like you can’t move the next morning. The team at Coventry Direct decided to find out which of these aches are more common across the United States. Using Google Trends, the team found the most common aches in the nation and each state’s most searched pains as well.


The study found that back pain is at the forefront of these shared discomforts, which stands out as the most common ache. This ailment, often associated with lifestyle factors like prolonged sitting, physical exertion, or stress, is the leading concern in 10 states.


As common as they might seem, headaches hold a prominent spot in the health queries of Americans, being the topmost concern in 6 states. Various triggers, from daily stressors and dietary choices to environmental factors like weather changes or noise pollution, can influence this widespread ailment.


Dysmenorrhea, commonly known as severe period pains, stands out as a primary concern in 6 states as well. While this pain is typically associated with the menstrual process, it can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as endometriosis.

image showing the most common aches and pains overall

So, what can you do to prevent these pains? While some of these ailments can be attributed to environmental and hereditary factors, the simple fix to many of them is simple: stretch.


Health experts at the National Library of Medicine say stretching is key to preventing injury to tendons and muscles. A recent article published by the library found that most athletes stretch after a workout but are less inclined to do so before a workout. While stretching after a workout has great benefits, stretching before it can be equally beneficial.


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