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Looking Forward to Some Dry Weather

by Daniel Dessinger » on Mar 06, 2010 3

Anyone else looking forward to a break from rain, ice, and snow? For more than a week, I had to wear my traditional shoes because of all the rain and melting ice. I refuse to be Old Slushy Coldfoot, so it was time for the Diesels. Ugh.

Nothing says foot pain like the wrong footwear. Even the relatively flat-soled Diesels could not compare for day-in and day-out comfort. I remember the first day I wore my Fivefingers again. My feet literally sighed with relief. It was practically audible.

So I’m back to my Fivefingers, only, I feel less excited about them now. While my feet suffered, I savored the brief joy of wearing outfits that actually match. And look good. What’s that all about? Forgot that was possible.

Yes, any non-outdoor gear will look somewhat bizarre with Fivefingers. They’re just not slacks or jeans matching material. I can’t pull it off without looking like I’m just wearing toe socks. Less than professional. Some people don’t take me seriously. Who knew footwear was so important to professionalism?

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  1. kalin says:

    I just got a pair of classics. Very comfy and love the sensation. thats the upshot

    the down shot?

    My buddy says they could feel like pussy on your feet but he wouldnt be caught dead with those at in public like work or school. My buddy knows girls and they love his shoes and his smell. Most of my girls friends say shoes are a biggie with them when looking at men. So my thoughts are such; does anyone have a opioion on this? Would you rather get the benefiets of the footwear or look socially correct, because as much as I hate the idea of fitting in with social boundries I can see where being a single man on the EAST COAST i would look like a hippie douchbag even though Im not. Also my buddy has meet 3 ppl with these and all 3 were huge douchbags.

    I dont see a point in owning these if your not going to wear them all the time. It makes no sence to me to wear these just playing in the outdoors i feel that wearing them 24/7 instead of shoes is where you reap the real benefiets.

    Anyone agree disagree?

  2. My wife hates the way my Fivefingers look, Kalin. I feel your pain. In fact,
    on rainy days when I have to wear normal shoes, I notice she usually
    responds more affectionately to me. It's an unfortunate reality. So you have
    a few choices:

    1. Wear them all the time and hold out for a girl who respects your choice
    in footwear. I get asked all the time where I bought them by people who
    think they look cool. In other words, there ARE some people, at least in
    Texas, who like the unique look.

    2. Give up and go back to sucky normal shoes. This will help you get girls
    despite your lack of self-respect. (slight exaggeration)

    3. Try a compromise. Try some Terra Plana shoes that utilize the same
    barefoot principle but house it in a somewhat normal looking shoe. My wife
    says they're still uglier than normal shoes, but she prefers them to
    Fivefingers. I agree that I don't have a single outfit that looks good with
    my Fivefingers. But that's life. That's the price I pay to have feet that
    don't hurt.

    It's really your call.

  3. Kalin says:

    Thanks for all the interesting info Daniel. I have looked at those terra plana shoes and while they have a style of shoe that is not ugly(aqua), i cannot justify 155$ for anything that does not include gore tex xcr at the very least!

    on your #1 comment. That was my thinking the whole way to the register at REI.

    #2 in the winter I will have no choice but to go back to sucky shoes. And really after walking around in close to bear feet, regular shoes are indeed SUCKY!

    # if i can find a pair under 100$ then its a done deal, the AQUA and EVO look alright.

    thanks again!

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