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Ozzy Wears Vibram FiveFingers on Survivor

by Brian Patterson » on Dec 18, 2011 3

Ozzy Lusth is often referred to as the most ‘natural’ contestant to ever play the game of Survivor.  He doesn’t build a shelter because he’s cool with sleeping on the beach with the bugs, he consistenly provides food for the whole tribe by spear fishing, and he climbs coconut trees like a champ.

Ozzy is a Survivor Champ

Ozzy Lusth - a natural Survivor

On the Survivor finale Ozzy was rocking a pair of Brown KSO Treks as he walked around Redemption Island with fellow contestant Brandon Hantz.  Below is a picture I snapped of it (sorry for the bigfoot-esque quality of the pic, I was a bit frazzled at the moment).

Ozzy Lusth wearing FiveFingers

Ozzy rockin' the FiveFingers

And here’s a pic of the FiveFingers he was wearing:

Brown KSO Treks

I’ve always wondered why contestants on Survivor didn’t wear FiveFingers when they went on this show. Foot grip and stability is critical in many of the challenges, and FiveFingers would provide a distinct advantage (of course!).  By seeing Ozzy wearing them while walking around, I now believe that:

  1. Some contestants actually do take them, but they just never get shown on the screen; or,
  2. Ozzy was ‘allowed’ to wear his since he was a castoff of sorts while on redemption island; or,
  3. Contestants can wear them around the island, but not during the challenges (thus they never really show up screen).
I think #3 is most likely.  Either way, its pretty cool to see that one of the greatest Survivor players ever is a member of the FiveFingers movement.  We’re tagging him in our group of Celebrities/Public Figures that wear FiveFingers.

 UPDATE:  It turns out Ozzy wore the VFFs in the challenge, so that eliminates #3.  Now I’m thinking #1 is most likely.  Also, he dominated the challenge, but ended up losing because he was too slow with the puzzle.  FiveFingers can help with a lot, but not puzzles…

Submitted Comments

  1. Chris Mitchell says:

    Survivor not my type of show but I did see him in VFF’s one episode. Pretty cool!
    I was also watching season three of Top Shot a few months ago and saw “Big” Mike Hughes wearing a pair of Bikilas. Another celebrity/public figure to add to the list.

  2. Chad says:

    Are you sure they were Treks? They had brown soles. I am pretty sure they were the KSO. I am wearing a pair right now and I wish that Vibram still made them!

  3. wear golf shoes says:

    I savour, lead to I found just what I used to be looking for.
    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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