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Okay so the question is what should I do to get rid of the terrible smell in my Vibrams? I have a tried to do fabreze… but its not working so well… any ideas?

Asked by Colton on Apr 30, 2012 1 answer provided. Official Answer:

This is probably the question we get the most!  We’ve written a few articles on the subject that may be helpful to you:

  • AFX FreshGear Socks – These socks have a special anti-microbial treatment that is rechargeable.  Our tests have had really good results… the caveat of course is that you have to be willing to wear socks inside your FiveFingers.
  • How Do Other People Clean Their FiveFingers?  –  We asked our community for their thoughts on how to keep FiveFingers clean and smelling good.  Their responses are in the comments on that post.
  • Scientific Measurement of FiveFinger Cleaning Techniques – If you want a really geeky article on keeping FiveFingers smelling great, this is for you.  Our guest contributor tested many different popular cleaning techniques and measured the results for each!
  • De-Funking FiveFingers in 3 Easy Steps – Corey shared his (easy) 3 step process for eliminating the smell from FiveFingers.

That should give you plenty of ideas on what works for others.  Please come back here after you try some out and let us know what methods you used and how it turned out.  Thanks!

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